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Dear Parents

Throughout the years, I have listening to countless parents complaining about their children’s bad habits, difficult personality and shortcomings. However, before criticizing them, I urge you to spend a moment for self-reflection. A child is a product of family upbringing, and more often than not, he/she is a carbon copy of the parents.

They started copying us since day 1, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is important to understand that there are 2 main factors that will influence a child’s behavioural habits: parents and environment. Since we can’t fully control the environment, the least we can do is to improve ourselves.

If you are offended, asking “What have I done wrong?”, I understand, however, quite frankly, you could have done better. Everyone has their first time being a parent, just like the first time you learn to walk, to ride a bike, failure is inevitable.

It is true that you have invested a tremendous amount of time, work and devotion, but there is one thing you couldn’t avoid: inertia. The stroller surely wasn’t designed for the baby, it was for the parents who didn’t want to carry their own baby. The same parents that years later would complain about their child’s lack of exercise. Have you ever seen a toddler gluing to the ipad because the parents are fed up with his crying? The same parents would later complain about the kid’s gaming addiction.

It is a 2-way street, everything we do will be met with a consequence. Dear Parents, if I can only give one advice, that is: “Lead by example”, by walking your talk, you become the person your child wants to follow.