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My name is Billy, I founded Monticle in 2004 with my Italian partner. Monticle is not a “correctional service”, we believe that everyone is unique with their own strengths, if utilised properly.

We are not your standard study tours. Outdoor training is just a portion of it. A full cup cannot be filled. Only by making them do things they have never done before, can we open up their mind to accept new knowledge.

Our courses last for a year. At first, we will visit the family and learn about the parents’ expectation and concerns. Then a 1 on 1 interview will be conducted with the student. This is crucial to building trust between them and the instructors, which plays an important part in ensuring the optimal result of training.

Once the student is accepted, we will conduct weekly communication with him/her. This is to build a student profile, gaining in-depth understanding of their personalities. These information will then be used to customised their training during the 16-day camp in Canada.

Upon completion, students will return home to go on with their lives, while beginning to implement what they have learned. A follow-up meeting will be held in October, where instructors will revisit the family, check on students and their progress, as well as plan for the future.

Life is a stage play, and we all have a role to fulfill. We would like to use this analogy to further explain the philosophy behind our method. We, the instructors, are casting directors and students are actors. We provide them a stage –such as the wilderness– for them to perform, and hopefully they will find themselves. Be it an action hero, a romantic lead, or a supporting role, once they find it, their Oscar statue will be waiting.

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Duration: 16 days



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