"I believe that life is just like this Niagara Walk, you may think that you are not doing something meaningful, that your effort is not leading anywhere. If you give up from these negative thoughts, you will never get to see the beauty that was Niagara Falls, and you will never achieve your highest potentials.


I am so grateful for being given the chance to complete this training with my awesome teammates, and I will definitely cherish this memory for the rest of my life."




"During this trip, I learned that if your mind is strong and you have a good attitude, your body will follow as well. If your mind isn’t strong, you will be more likely to give up thinking that you can’t possibly do it.


Billy taught us the phrases “mind over body” and “embrace your pain” before and during the walk to Niagara. I tried repeating these phrases over and over again whenever I wanted to give up. Embracing your pain isn’t as easy as it sounds. There were moments where I wanted to just curl up and cry, but instead of letting the tears fall down, I thought about happy things and tried making conversations with other people.


When I first started the Monticle training, there were so many questions in my mind about why I was here and what I was here for. However, upon finishing, I believe that I will be stronger physically and mentally."


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"I began to join Monticle’s summer training in 2014 in order to add a bit of colour to the boring summer vacation.  Surprisingly this has become an important turning point in my life. I still remember I was a bit scared when I met the chief instructor, Billy, for the first time, as he looked like a tough man, but soon I found that he actually has a sense of humour and not that difficult to get along with.


What really overwhelmed me was the activity named “Across the Newfoundland Province” in 2015, to which I was invited by Monticle. It is a 20-day hellish training required you to walk longer than a marathon in a day.  This experience has made me realize that people’s ability is not about how strong the body is or how smart the brain is, but how strong your willpower is. As the saying goes, “he that travels far knows much”, I was able to shape a better self by these training."


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At Monticle we learned social intelligence and economic management. We also did team building in the lake with a kayak. I learned that there are three types of learned that there are three types of learners: Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic. A visual learner learns by seeing an example; An auditory learner learns just by listening. Their eyes may be looking in a different direction, but they are paying very close attention to you; A kinaesthetic learner learns by doing, which means a hands-on experience.


When doing finance management, you got to first think about what you would loose and not what you would gain. The reason is, if you pay by credit card, you might end up losing quite a lot more money than you should. During the team building experience, I learned that communication and support is key, because without it, this amazing Monticle experience will be over forever. As for Leadership training, I learned how to work as a team to move forward and achieve more. We got to practise man overboard with Edwin Chan, Peggy, Jennifer and Alpha group. It was really fun.



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I’m a student from Hong Kong and have been with Monticle for three courses.

Initially, except some brief information of the organisation from my parents, I had no idea what kind of course it really was until 2014 — the year I came to Canada for the first time.


Monticle’s summer training course contains two main challenges, which are“Algonquin Provincial Park Tour” and “Walk to Niagara Falls”. The former one enabled me to learn teamwork and wilderness survival skills, while the latter one helped me realise that victory belongs to the most persevering. These brand new knowledge and experience have definitely enlightened me.




On our first day we all woke up at 3:45 am to get everything packed and drove for 3 hours to Algonquin park. I have learnt a valuable lesson during this trip, that is nothing may go as planned. I was in junior team with Jack and Hong Yi, and we did rather well in my opinion, however one major problem in our team is communication. One of our teammates forgot to take a big barrel. We lost a lot of time due to having to go back and get the item. The first 2-3 days were much tougher than the rest since we’ve got used to the drill and had better food. Billy was a very competent Instructor and an excellent cook. The fear of faiure really brought us together to work as a team and make tough decisions.


We all survived the walk to Niagara Falls and learnt another important lesson – endurance. Walking to Niagara Falls was not an easy challenge; in fact, it was so hard that people wanted to give up on the first day. I thought of quitting myself when we were walking at night because all of us were so sleepy and I had to walk with my eyes half closed. The only thing that was on my mind was how far I was from the destination. I have grown a lot tougher over this experience, so I think if I were to do this again I would perform much better.





I am a student from Hong Kong in 2017. The program includes a ten-day training at Algonquin Provincial Park, and a 160 km walk from Downtown Toronto to Niagara Falls within 30 hours. The entire training was not a simple task, I almost felt burnt out under the huge pressure.


To take the walking to Niagara Falls for instance. After walking non-stop for 12 hours, my feet were in pain, exhausted. What was worse, after 20 hours, we were really in the mood for giving up. Fortunately, with the instructor’s encouragement, we finally finished the challenge in 29.25 hours. I couldn’t believe how proud and excited we were at that moment! That was a feeling I haven’t got from elsewhere. There is no doubt that these experiences have inspired me with plenty of benefits, such as mutual respect, self-discovery, plus the importance of being persistent.



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It’s not until the end when I realize that a month is really a very short time. I am going to miss this group and its dynamics; there won’t be another team that is quite like this one. We had a vote for student of the year for this program. I had not expected to get any votes, let alone win, but there were quite a few people that believed in me. The result made me think about what I did and what I had wanted to do.


When was told that I’m in charge of the HQ team, I was disappointed, feeling that I wasn’t necessary; even though it was explained to me that I needed logistic and planning training. I was extremely uncomfortable with not being able to be right in the centre of things instead of watching others learning and having fun. But for the team’s benefit, there must be sacrifices. I learnt that before an idea takes hold and turns into reality, it must be nurtured. When dreams are in the fledging stages, they are most vulnerable. If they are forced to a premature end, they will shatter. Monticle encourages and fosters these dreams. 7K/180 was my dream and even though I couldn’t realise it at that time, however, this is a dream that will not die.





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