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summer 2017

Me3 Foundations

Foundations course




July 3  –  July 19




enhancement course




July 3  –  july 24



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    Me³ Foundations aims to inspire students to acquire essential life skills and refined leadership qualities that will help them succeed in becoming high operating leaders in the real world. This 17-Day program takes students on a journey to remote wilderness as well as rural areas within the province of Ontario. Here they will experience challenges and learn what it takes to adapt to their current situation. From experiencing nature at Algonquin Park Canoe Trip, to trekking 160km from Markham to Niagara Falls on foot, students obtain the necessary skills and qualities to succeed in the future.

    Learning contents:

    • To establish positive social skill
    • To enhance interpersonal and communication skills
    • To enhance the abilities of planning execution
    • To enhance self-confidence
      and self-understanding
    • To overcome obstacles and
      accept challenges
    • Enhanced team management skills


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    For the first time ever, Monticle introduces the Algonquin Expedition. Embark on an epic adventure within the one the greatest parks in Canada. Experience what nature has to offer, voyaging over 280km in a span 22 days of an unforgettable journey. The days and nights in the arms of Mother Nature, potage in old-growth forest trek, and the encounter of wildlife will be an unforgettable journey.

    Here, you become a part of a team, work and communicate with one another. Lead each other to success as you accomplish a once in a lifetime challenge!


    Learning contents:

    • Enhanced ability to adapt
    • Experience different cultures
    • To overcome obstacles
      and accept challenge
    • To enhance interpersonal and communication skills
    • Enhanced team management skills



  • Executive Director's Welcome

    Lieutenant-Colonel Hirji

    Executive Director

    Welcome to Monticle.

    As one of Canada’s leading training facilities in leadership and experiential learning, Monticle provides exciting opportunities for self-development and achievement. Our mission of inspiring others to become successful leaders in the future keeps us motivated and driven with a purpose.

    At a young age, I understood the hard work and effort it took to accomplish the goals I set for myself. It is without a doubt, the professionals, advisors, and mentors throughout my life play a big part in giving me the confidence and encouragement I needed to succeed. Especially among the youth, I hope they can find inspiration throughout their journey in life or in those they meet at a Monticle experience.

    Since our humble beginnings as an official non-profit organization in 2009, we are proud to have achieved many milestones in our development thus far. The ever-successful Monticle Challenge youth leadership event paved the way for new and exciting activities and programs for both youth and adults. Our new strategic plan not only continues to deliver top quality training programs for Canadians, but also expands across boundaries to extend the same innovative education-enhancing experiences on a global scale.

    We are especially excited to launch Me3 Foundations in 2012, following the high demand of the Me3 Life Education program. Our Me3 series stands as a testament to Monticle’s success in helping the youth to becoming high-functioning members in the real world. With that said, I invite you to take advantage of the resources and services we have to offer.

    More importantly, the passion and dedication of our valued teammates and volunteers have proven that no challenge is too tough to overcome, and no mountain is too high to climb. On behalf of Monticle, I would like to give special thanks to all our supporters including sponsors, partners, and especially the parents of Monticle’s youth community for their contribution in making a difference. We truly appreciate your support and we are honoured to play a part in the development of your child. For those new to the organization, I encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about us.

    Welcome to the Monticle family. Let us move forward with hope and inspiration for our future generation.


Monticle is a non-profit leadership training organization, inspiring future leaders through education and life philosophies.

The name Monticle meaning “little hill” goes hand in hand with our essence; building a solid foundation of skills for future success!


With all participants, we leave samskaras, otherwise known as mental impressions.
The samskaras given by our instructors empower individuals to develop habits, attitudes, and fundamental skills that are needed for lifelong success.


Heuristics (yoo-ris-tics) involves enabling a person to learn through experience. Monticle’s heuristics approach allows the individual to not only hear and see, but understand, and retain the knowledge learned. Through heuristics, individuals are encouraged to discover, develop, understand, and solve problems on their own.

Our instructors believe in impactful teaching and learning that leaves an impression on the individual. With expertise in diverse backgrounds, our instructors are comprised of Canadian Forces personnel, firefighters, police officers, fitness trainers and much more.

Skills and
Development include:

  • Cultivate and Strengthen Leadership and
    Teamwork Skills
  • Presentation and Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Determination to Overcome Challenges
  • Goal Setting and Implementation
  • Greater Sense of Independence and Self Discipline
  • Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence

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