Monticle focuses on inspiring and training youth and young adults through heuristic approach. Our programs cater to individuals’ personality, potential and goals; aiming at assisting the next generation of leaders in building their self-confidence, self-understanding, improving their skills of problem-solving, and finding their values in life.



The idea of Monticle was conceived when Chief Instructor Billy Lui set out for his annual Arctic Circle expedition back in 2000. A long-time friend suggested if he can take his 2 teenage children along to explore the great wilderness of Canada, as it would be a valuable experience, to which Billy agreed.


Something remarkable happened after the trip, when the children returned. They were more focused, disciplined, and attentive to details; much to the surprise of their parents. When enquired about the wondrous transformation, Chief Instructor Billy had no further conclusion than it was Mother Nature’s magic and the life lessons learned in the hardship of back country that had changed them for the better. From that point on, the idea of an educational organisation that focuses on helping youth was kindled.


Started with an annual one-day free admission event for local community in 2004, Monticle has been growing steadily to become what we are today, a leading organisation in the field of youth training; while continue staying true to our belief: changing the world, one person at a time.


Rather than a traditional camp which concentrates on physical activities, Monticle is a training camp that emphasises on strengthening the youth’s willpower and perseverance.


We mentor future leaders to nourish their positive traits, improve their communication, management skills and logical thinking through various techniques to reach their full potential. All the trainings are carried out with the utmost purpose of equipping youth with the best skillsets to face any challenges that may come their way in the future.



As one of Canada’s leading training facilities in leadership and experiential learning, Monticle provides exciting opportunities for self-development and achievement. Our mission of inspiring others to become successful leaders in the future keeps us motivated and driven with a purpose.


At a young age, I understood the hard work and effort it took to accomplish the goals I set for myself. It is without a doubt, the professionals, advisors, and mentors throughout my life play a big part in giving me the confidence and encouragement I needed to succeed. Especially among the youth, I hope they can find inspiration throughout their journey in life or in those they meet at a Monticle experience.


Since our humble beginnings as an official non-profit organization in 2009, we are proud to have achieved many milestones in our development thus far. The ever-successful Monticle Challenge youth leadership event paved the way for new and exciting activities and programs for both youth and adults. Our new strategic plan not only continues to deliver top quality training programs for Canadians, but also expands across boundaries to extend the same innovative education-enhancing experiences on a global scale.


More importantly, the passion and dedication of our valued teammates and volunteers have proven that no challenge is too tough to overcome, and no mountain is too high to climb. On behalf of Monticle, I would like to give special thanks to all our supporters including sponsors, partners, and especially the parents of Monticle’s youth community for their contribution in making a difference. We truly appreciate your support and we are honoured to play a part in the development of your child. For those new to the organization, I encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about us.


Welcome to the Monticle family. Let us move forward with hope and inspiration for our future generation.


Lieutenant-Colonel Hirji

Executive Director





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