1. Will I receive a First-Aid certificate?

Participants will learn basic first-aid skills but will need to take their own certification examination to obtain a First-Aid Certificate.


2. Are participants with health conditions able to attend?

Participants are required to complete the confidential medical information part of the registration form. Monticle instructors will then determine if the participant is suitable for joining the program or participating in certain activities.


3. What mode(s) of transportation will be used?

All participants will be transported in our Monticle Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The van seats up to 12 people including the driver and provides a safe and comfortable ride, perfect for journeys of long duration.


4. How much will each trip cost?

Please see website for cost details.


5. Do I need to pay the fee in one instalment?

Yes, (however special arrangements can be made).


6. Are parents allowed to attend?

The programs are suitable for ages 12 years old and up. Please contact us at info@monticle.ca for more info.


7. What items should I pack that would be crucial to the trip?

Please see the complete packing check list for all items required for the trip


8. In case of an emergency how can I get in touch with my child?

You may contact the instructors on the instructor cell phone/satellite phone. A list of instructor and staff contact numbers will be provided to you before the start of the program.


9. English is a second language for me. Will I have difficulty following the instructors’ orders?

Although our program is conducted in English, our instructors are proficient in a number of languages. They will surely help the participant and try to improve their language and communication skills during the trip. Participants will be able to strengthen verbal and written English and put their language skills to daily use.


10. What are the sleeping arrangements in terms of males/females?

Male and female sleeping arrangements will be kept separate during the trip wherever possible.


11. What are the types of meals and are they covered in the fee?

The meals vary from place to place depending on availability, cultural cuisine and preferences. All dietary restrictions will be considered. Yes, they are covered.


12. How fit do I have to be?

Monticle is about gradually building a strong foundation of mental and physical endurance. There will be some physical challenges along the route but participants are not required to be at a certain fitness level.


13. Can I bring a friend?

The programs are suitable for youth ages 12 years old and up. Feel free to invite your friends to join!


14. Who else will be with me?

Instructors and other staff will be teaching, guiding, observing, and monitoring all participants throughout the program. The program may include a mix of local and International students from around the world who are able to share their experiences and skills with each other.


15. Who are the Instructors?

Our team of instructors is primarily made up of members of the Canadian Forces as well as professionals and law enforcement agents. Monticle’s experienced personnel are qualified to teach a broad range of skill and topics across various disciplines. The instructor(s) for the program will have formal qualifications in First Aid, Wilderness First-Aid, CPR, and other safety training. All our instructors are required to continually upgrade their skills. Rest assured, participants will be in good hands!


Monticle maintains a low participant to instructor ratio to ensure quality training and one-on-one care and attention towards individuals.


16. Will I be safe?

Monticle puts safety first in any program or event. Our instructors are highly trained and qualified to ensure all safety standards are met no matter what we do. Safety briefings are done before the start of each activity and participants are required to follow all safety procedures at all times.


17. What is your policy regarding the use of electronic devices?

Student may have their electronic devices such as mp3 player, however, cell phones are not allowed during camp. If there is a need for communication between parents and students, students may use one of our staff’s phone.






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